All illustrations were courtesy of CHARLIE JOHNSON

Charlie J has a tremendous talent for knowing how to dig around in your imagination and turn it into a piece of art
Sort Your Brain Out Illustrations

All the drawings in this book were realised by Charlie Johnson - our illustrator, usually on the basis of a vague description of each chapter. How he consistently managed to create exactly what we visualised in our mind's eyes with such consistency defies our comprehension. We suspect he may have telepathic powers (despite every attempt to prove the existence of telepathy under careful scientific scrutiny failing miserably). More likely Charlie is some kind of creative genius and so we are extremely grateful to him for contributing his talents to our book - it really helped us to achieve our primary aim - keeping it as accessible and unintimidating as possible.

3D neuroanatomy is not easy to represent as a 2D tube map

But it was fun trying.


The London Underground is a network of tube tunnels, some running deeper than others.


So it occurred to us that the highly complex system of 86 billion tube lines that run through your own brain might be more easily understood if it was depicted in a familiar way.


This is a view of a brain turned sideways on with the yellow district (Occipital Lobe) at the back of the head and red district (Temporal Lobe) at the side of the head.


NB the way different lines link up the different brain stops is conceptual not literal - they are not necessarily physically linked in the brain, but work together to achieve certain functions 

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The brain tube map was inspired by the London Underground which Jack has been riding on an almost daily basis for the past 24 years. These images are copyrighted by Neuroformed Ltd.