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SortYourBrainOut Spotted in the Wild

Many thanks to everyone who have been tweeting their photos of Sort Your Brain Out spotted in the wild (tagged with #SortYourBrainOut). It has been doing extremely well in the WHSmith's travel outlet charts and in most places we've been holding our position in the top ten of both the Non-Fiction and Business book charts. We know that copies of SYBO are now being read by people all the way from Hong Kong to Jamaica. And we've been spotted in train stations, motorway service stations and airports from Edinburgh to Cornwall. Many thanks for everyone for their support and please do keep it up!!

Spotted at position #3 in the WHSmith's Non-Fiction chart in London's Victoria Station:


We were spotted at #4 in a service station in Devon:


And in London's Gatwick Airport were were spotted at #7:


I think we can be safe in the knowledge that this copy will eventually find it's way back to Canada:


We're not sure whether or not we approve of this woman spotted in Copenhagen airport using SYBO as a mouse mat!


But clearly our favourite photo is this one capturing a god-daughter's joy at the prospect of reading her brand new copy of Sort Your Brain Out:


And this young traveller was spotted in Heathrow T3 having bought SYBO to kill time on a layover on the way back to Stockholm from adventures in Sri Lanka:


The upshot of all this? We set out right from the beginning to write a book that - although specifically targeted at a business audience - would nonetheless appeal to readers of all ages, irrespective of whether they are studying, working or retired. These photos help to demonstrate that we appear to have been successful so far in attracting the attention of a wide range of readers at all stages of life.

If you are on Twitter you may wish to follow the authors. You can find Jack on Twitter simply by clicking here: @drjacklewis and you can Adrian by clicking here: @polarbearpirate

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