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Sneak Preview of Illustrations for the Second Edition

Later in 2021 the 2nd edition of Sort Your Brain Out will be hitting the shelves of bookshops all across the country. With new material in each existing chapter and three brand new ones, we're confident that people will find SYBO2e even more helpful than the first one when it comes to getting more out of your grey matter.

We thought the new edition deserved some fresh illustrations which come courtesy of David C. Lewis. And to whet your appetite a couple of these fantastic new images are showcased below.

Copyright 2021 David C. Lewis

One of the new chapters is called Born To Move and highlights the incredible brain benefits of taking regular exercise. Given that people who spend 2-5 hrs each week in the great outdoors are happier than those that don't, we suggest taking this exercise up close and personal with mother nature wherever possible.

Copyright 2021 David C. Lewis

Another new chapter is called Get Yourself Connected and explains why "No man is an Island" is more true than we ever could have imagined for a hyper-social creature like us human beings. It turns out that having a few trusted social connections is extremely good for our physical and psychological health. So this chapter outlines various specialisations of the brain that help us to get on with others better and a few brain hacks that highlight the best approaches to maintaining existing social bonds and expanding our social circles.


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