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Sort Your Brain Out Clock Mnemonic

We are very happy to announce that not only have sales of the English edition of Sort Your Brain Out passed the 30,000 copy mark - making it a best seller - but we have also sold nearly 5,000 copies of the Chinese edition! We would like to thank everyone who has supported us by buying a copy and particularly those who've taken the trouble to give us a review on Amazon.

The website to download your very own free brain training game - the dual N-back test - is here: Don't forget - to get the benefits of an improved working memory you need to play regularly (ideally daily) and keep it up in the long term.

Below is the Sort Your Brain Out mnemonic clock, designed to help those who've read the book or attended the Sort Your Brain Out talks to recall the relevant information. The idea is that wherever words pointing towards each hour hand are in italics this refers to the hours of the morning and those in bold refer to hours of the afternoon / evening.

Any questions or requests for further information would be gratefully received.

And you can follow us on Twitter: @drjacklewis @polarbearpirate

Thanks again and we really hope you enjoy Sorting Your Brain Out in the coming months and years...

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