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Book a Sort Your Brain Out Talk for Your Event

Dr Jack has been on the motivational speaking circuit for many years and was digitally rated directly after the Citywire event in Miami (above) and another at Gleneagles in Scotland, with a spectacular average rating of 9/10. And with endorsements like this from his recent Sort Your Brain Out talk for the Just Group, it's clear that the knowledge of all the many things we can do every day to get more out of our brain lands well every single time:

Jack was brilliant! The feedback received so far from delegates has been fantastic. He was so easy to work with, very engaging and his content was so interesting – a real hit with everyone so please pass on our thanks. Thanks also for the books. They went down really well. Thanks of course to Jack as well for taking the time to sign them all.

Neuroscience of Decision Making

In recent times he's given talks for Molton Brown, Honda, the Ministry of Defence and the Crown Prosecution Services to name but a few. He also did a series of talks for Deloitte in the UK, the Czech Republic and Slovenia, the first of which helped Deloitte to win the pitch for the global Tesco auditing business (worth hundreds of millions of pounds!) by outlining how a sound knowledge of the Neuroscience of Decision Making can be used to enhance any sales process.

Science of Creativity

In another popular series of brain talks Dr Jack shared insights into the Science of Creativity with the senior leadership team at ITV Global, which was subsequently rolled out across the entire middle management team, with the global heads of development and then again at ITV Germany a few short months later.

A popular interactive exercise that accompanies this talk is the Brain Shake, scientifically-proven to be superior to the traditional Brain Storm process, by removing obstacles to problem solving such as our innate sense of the pecking order at work (the ideas of senior figures tend to get more airtime than those of junior team members) and the difficulty most people find in simultaneously taking multiple perspectives on the problem under discussion. The Head of Development of ITV Germany said that in the 6 months that had elapsed between the event for global heads of development and the one for the whole of ITV Germany, his team had been using the Brain Shake on a regular basis and found a significant uptick in the number of TV shows they got commissioned. In other words, taking a scientific approach to creativity really works!

Building Resilience Talk

Dr Jack also does a talk on a Neuroscientific Approaches to Building Resilience which has been extremely popular in the educational community. In another series of talks he helped Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCos) grasp what they could do to build resilience in their own brains, and also specifically what can be done to help the children in their care build their own resilience using insights from the Harvard Institute on Child Health. This led to a further opportunity to share these insights at a gathering of SENCos at Brighton Hove Albion's football stadium where the talk included a live body scan mediation with over 250 delegates!

Understanding Unconscious Bias

Sometimes clients want to commission a completely bespoke talk, such as the one Dr Jack did for the National Trust. There is so much neuroscience and psychology research out there that it always seems possible to deliver an impactful talk that fits the needs of the client whatever they happen to be.

Book Now!

To book a talk please contact Jack's agent, Jo Wander, and she'll be only too happy to have a conversation about how your specific needs can be fulfilled with an engaging talk brimming with motivational insights into how our brains work and what we can do to get them firing on all cylinders every day!


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