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SORT YOUR BRAIN OUT Audiobook Available Now

Dr Jack reads Sort Your Brain Out for the audiobook which is available to download from Audible.


We haven't quite reached the 6 month mark since our book was launched yet the paper version of Sort Your Brain Out is currently sold out in several WHSmith's outlets across the country. This means it is currently undergoing its 3rd (!!) print run already. Thanks to everyone's fantastic support in ensuring SYBO continues to fly off the shelves in the UK we were over the moon to find out that it is soon to be translated into both Chinese and Russian. This will enable us to reach a potential additional 1.3 billion and 144 million people worldwide, respectively.

We've had some brilliant positive feedback so far from many satisfied readers who have kindly gone out of their way to share with us their stories of how it has helped them take better care of their brains. One particular theme has cropped up over and over again. Many overworked business people who spontaneously grabbed a copy of SYBO at the airport on the way out to a hard earned holiday have said it inspired them to give themselves a complete break from work.

They admitted to always taking their work on holiday with them in an effort to keep on top of everything. Having ploughed through SYBO on the plane they ultimately decided not to unpack their laptops, to resist the temptation to check work emails on the hotel computer and to avoid calling in to check up on business matters like the plague. Instead they chose to give their brain a complete break from all those digital stressors and to focus on resting properly, e.g. allowing themselves to sleep for as long as their body needed. They avoided their usual routine of keeping as busy as possible by going on tours and packing in as much sightseeing as possible, instead doing very little to allow body and brain to run repairs, do general maintenance and get them in tip top condition in preparation for the year ahead. When they got home they said that, for once, they felt totally rested and re-energised rather than feeling like they needed another holiday to recover from their holiday. Music to our ears!!

We really hope that the release of Sort Your Brain Out as an audiobook will help reach those people who rarely find time to get any reading done but do manage to listen to the odd audiobook on the commute to work. The more people can get a better understanding of what their brains actually need in order to rise to the challenges presented by our increasingly hectic lives, the better we can all Sort Our Brains Out to thrive in both the short and long term!

Thank you one and all for your support and feedback so far.

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