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Sort Your Brain Out is going Great Guns

We have had some cracking reviews on Amazon but the most satisfying moments of the last few months have been when people actively go out of their way to get in touch with us directly. I found the following email extremely satisfying because inspiring people to take an active interest in their brain is exactly what I had hoped to do when I first set out on this project:

"After avidly devouring the above amazing book my interest in neuroscience is buzzing. Do you have any suggestions as to my next read? This book is fantastic. Thank you for taking time with Adrian to compile it. Incidentally, I was lucky to find it tucked away in the self help catagory at Waterstones in Chiswick. It deserves a much more prominent position. Thank you for helping me to understand what my brain is up to"


"Thank you for your reply and information. I will follow this up. Yes, please do feel free to quote my comments on your website. Your book is truly a gift to me - opening my awareness and understanding of neuroscience in terms I can relate to." Rona


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