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Sort Your Brain Out Live: Book Now

It all started that fateful day in 2011 when Adrian Webster and Dr Jack shared the stage at a pharmaceutical sales conference in sunny Tenerife. 3 years later the soon-to-be best-selling book Sort Your Brain Out was launched in airports, train stations and motorway service stations across the United Kingdom. And now we are thrilled to officially launch Sort Your Brain Out Live with both authors sharing the stage to share their collective wisdom on inspiring workforces (Ade) through a bunch of simple brain hacks (Jack) to harness the mind-boggling power of neuroplasticity.

Having tested the waters with Middlesex Univeristy post-graduates and staff, not to mention the wonderful audience at the London Business Forum, we now have a fantastic product which our speaking agent James Poole (of Gordon Poole speaking agency) is actively promoting around Europe. If you would like to book us as a motivational speaking duo in the coming months, simply call: 01275 463222 and ask to speak to James.

Below you'll find some more information, taken directly from the Gordon Poole website, describing exactly what you can expect. Individually both Adrian and Jack are very experienced and popular speakers. Together - they're dynamite!!

Sort Your Brain Out presentations delivered by Adrian Webster and Dr Jack Lewis:

The pink pulsating blob that resides between your ears is truly amazing. With a hundred thousand miles of wiring comprising its 86 billion neurons and a matching number of support cells, the human brain is the most advanced supercomputer in the known universe; capable of outperforming any manmade creation.What makes it so amazing is its ability to physically restructure and build new connections to meet new demands placed upon it – yes, if you know how, you can physically change your brain.

Leading motivational speaker Adrian Webster and neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis teamed up to write a practical user guide to help people get more out of their own brains. Their book ‘Sort Your Brain Out’ has become an international best-seller, topping both the business and non-fiction charts and helping people from all walks of life to get more out of the only brain they’ve got.

They are now delivering tailor-made, interactive, practical presentations that bring to life the workings of brains and demonstrate how we can all rewire our own, look after them better, and as a direct result:

  • Boost Performance

  • Bring about Profound Change

  • Alter Behaviours

  • Increase Productivity

  • Reduce Stress

  • Induce Innovative Thinking

  • Make Better Decisions

  • Improve Memory

  • Drive up IQs

  • Feel Happier

  • Reduce Absenteeism

  • Stay Mentally Sharp for Longer

Highly impactful, a lot of fun, and each designed specifically to meet your needs.Whatever your requirements, Adrian and Jack’s unique cocktail of motivation and neuroscience is guaranteed to stimulate positive thinking, unleash potential, help individuals embrace change, take ownership, be more creative, pull together as one high performance team - and work a whole lot smarter.

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